What colors can be printed on on colored film?

We love seeing bold designs that make bags stand out, but it's important to follow some basic guidelines to get the best results.  

All colors will print well on white film. If your art has multiple, or bright, colors, white film is the best way to go.  Most inks print somewhat translucent or even transparent, which looks fine on white film, but on colored film, inks pick up the color of the film, or can disappear completely - especially on dark film. For instance, Blue ink on yellow film looks green, yellow ink on black film disappears completely, and red ink on beige or buff film will become burgundy.

On darker films, the best print colors are white and metallic colors (gold, silver, copper). White will print translucently on dark colors, picking up the film color slightly. On black film, white looks slightly gray, on navy blue film, white looks light blue, etc.  

On darker film, colors will stand out best if they have 50% or more white ink in the formula, however the ink will still print translucently.  To specify colors, please consult a PMS Formula Guide. 


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